Term Investment Term Investment

Short-term investment deposit:

In this kind of deposit, the applicant empowers the bank with right of substitution to use his deposit in different contracts jointly as per Law on Interest-free Loan Bank Operations and pay the interests earned according to the corresponding regulations and bylaws with right of conveyance between the Bank and the depositor in proportion of amount and duration upon deduction of attorney’s fee. Short-term investment deposit includes ordinary short-term investment deposit account. Housing savings fund account, housing construction savings fund account, housing savings account for the youth and preferred investment deposit are included among short-term investment deposits.


Special conditions for opening ordinary short-term investment deposit:

  1. The least amount for opening the said account is given as IRR 500,000.
  2. The least period for enjoyment of interest will be fixed according to the regulations and criteria notified by the Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran every year.
  3. Base for calculation of daily interest is the least balance of the said day on daily basis that the least balance per day (IRR 500,000) . 

Calculation of on-account interest of ordinary short-term deposits will be changed from daily to monthly basis in such a manner that the least balance of account per month will be regarded as base for calculation of interest of the said deposits.


Long-term investment deposit:

The least amount for opening long-term (one-year) investment deposit account is the sum of IRR 100,000.

Long-term investment deposit certificate will be issued to any of opening parties of long-term investment deposit account.

If cancellation of account is made on maturity date, interest will be paid as much as that of the opening date. However, on cancellation date, no interest will be paid. In case of cancellation of account prior to maturity date, no interest will be paid on opening date and cancellation date.

Withdrawal from parts of deposit prior to maturity date and without complete cancellation of deposit is pending on submission of a request by account opening party and completion of withdrawal form of parts of deposit by the account opening party in accordance with the coefficients of 5000 Thousand Rials (one-year deposit) and fulfillment of requirements for adjustment of withdrawn deposit interest.

On-account interest of long-term investment deposits will be paid on daily basis calculated at the end of every month in the first working day of the next month to the account introduced by the accountholder.

Payment of interest will be made on-account basis and after final interest is indicated if final interest rate exceeds that of on-account payment, account settlement will be made with depositors and the differential amount will be paid to his account accordingly.

In case long-term deposit is returned before termination of one month as of its opening date, no interest shall be paid.



On-account interest rate

Daily-counted short-term deposit interest


One-year deposit interest


two-year deposit interest 18%