Strategic Plan of Bank Maskan Strategic Plan of Bank Maskan

In ceremonies attended by Minister of Roads and Urban Development, deputies minister and members of Board of Directors of Bank Maskan, Strategic Plan of Bank Maskan has been unveiled.

Statement of Mission

Bank Maskan is a development and specialized bank in the realm of housing and urban development. Supporting execution of macro goals of government in qualitative and quantitative development at housing sector and its booming, Bank Maskan plays a prominent role in financial empowerment of those who do not have a house, financing, enactment of financial-banking plans and developmental plans of government in the realm of housing and urban development as well as urban revitalization



Facilitating the financing process in the realm of housing and urban development and granting loan facilities for housing provision for all families who lack a house and provision of financial, banking and consultative services to activists, developers and builders of housing units by meeting consumption pattern for the families of average and low income by emphasizing on revival of worn-out textures and cities with average number of population.

Statement of Vision  

Leadership in provision of effective financing services to housing and urban development activities and being changed to one of the most capable development-specialized banks in the West Asia;

Bank Strategies

  1. Development of Retail Banking for public;
  2. Provision of Investment Banking services through financial group and capital market mechanism;
  3. Promotion of Mortgage Banking;
  4. Implementation of Development Baking;
  5. Promotion of specialized corporate banking in provision of financing services to mass developers;
  6. Promotion of performance of financial group of the bank and organizational capacitation of bank through support of commissioning of types of credit and finance institutes (Financial Holding Company);
  7.  Effective participation in policymaking at housing and urban development sector;


Macro Goals of Bank

  1. Promotion of share through financing at housing and urban development sector;
  2. Promotion of capacity of providing loan facilities and financial ability of the bank;
  3. Organizing types of demand at housing sector and financial empowerment of families without a house especially low-income groups (aiming at their access to houses in proportion of their income);
  4. Optimized risk management and economic administration of the bank;
  5. Promotion of health, clarity and discipline;
  6. Establishment of a learning organization and Development of human, organizational and information capital;
  7. Superiority in provision of financial, banking and consultative services to those activists at housing sector;   
  8. Constant promotion of productivity and organizational agility and improvement of key processes of bank by benefiting from modern IT means; 
  9. Improvement of innovation in products, financial-banking services and means;
  10. Constant value creation for all beneficiaries especially bank customers;

Pivotal Values

Committed to full observance of banking professional ethics;

Committed to clarity and honesty with all beneficiaries;

Committed to great sense of responsibility in provision of efficient services for customers;

Committed to be responsible and committed to social responsibilities;



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