Sahab Inter-Bank Money Order Sahab Inter-Bank Money Order

For optimized use of bank cards members of SHETAB in inter-bank money transfers, Inter-bank Electronic Draft Services are provided.

Money transfer between Maskan Card and Maskan Card and the cards of other banks members of SHETAB, at all portals except for the terminal of the branches, up to IRR 30,000,000.00 and at the portal of the branches, up to IRR 150,000,000.00 is possible every day.

Withdrawal from the  origin card and remittance to the account of  destination card  is made instantly and it is not possible to make payment with the future date . In case no payment is made to the beneficiary account, the sums of money are refunded to the account of remittance card origin.

Modified Date1398/5/2- 7:49