Organizational Gift Card Organizational Gift Card

  • Further to all characteristics of the current gift cards, the organizational gift card enjoys the possibility of cash receipt of sum of money and change of password and assigning an internet password through ATMs of Bank Maskan.
  • This card has been designed to be submitted to the corresponding organizations and institutions only. It is also possible to submit the said card individually.
  • Name of recipient institute will be given on the card and submitted to the corresponding management after the case has been informed to the management.
  • This card for maximum IRR 5,000,000 can be sold.
  • Concerning the fact that cash payment by ATMs of Bank Maskan for this type of card is possible, in case the card is seized by the ATM, and since name of customer is not given on the card, the corresponding affiliated branches will submit the organizational gift card to the customer by obtaining the photocopy of the card and photocopy of the Birth Certificate or National ID Card confirming the identity of the customer.
  • At time of delivery of the card to the organizations and institutions, it is necessary for management to keep the records and the respective serial numbers and deliver the said group of cards to the applying institute and name of seller branch.

Modified Date1398/4/18- 16:22