Mobile Bank System Mobile Bank System

Mobile Bank System:

Mobile bank system is the system that enables the customers to register at branch and install the corresponding app on their cell phone to benefit from types of electronic banking services. Customers may easily use the services of this system for 24 hours without physical appearance at branches of Bank Maskan.


Security Concerns of Mobile Bank System:

Some malwares penetrating the mobile phone bank software sets are able to make unauthorized withdrawals.

Hence, the customers shall be concerned about security concerns to prevent such threats and to control the said threats.

  1. Receipt of no mobile bank apps from unsecure and unsafe resources and presenting the address of locations to customers confirmed by the Bank;
  2. Receipt of updated mobile bank programs on appointed dates;
  3. Pay attention to probable warnings received at time of installation or updating and informing the bank of such messages if any;
  4. Installation of valid and updated anti-virus on mobile phone;
  5. No authorization for exceeding access to software sets and review and inactivation of background services;

Major characteristics of Mobile Bank Maskan

Updating the cards and accounts of customers;

Obtaining balance of saving accounts and cards;

Money transfer to the cards members of SHETAB

Registration of highly used cards and account (to facilitate using the money transfer services for cards and accounts);

Payment of loan installments;

Using the said system through SMS and Internet (Wi-Fi and GPRS)

Copying the charge password at time of purchase of charge card;

Registration, view, reporting and inactivation of regular money orders;

Change of default account of card;

Receiving information and balance, charge, blocking and inactivating as well as transfer of ETC of road charges;

Updating the services of cards and accounts;

Change of account password;

Entrance of information of bills through using mobile camera as barcode reader;

SATNA and PAYA banking operation through account services;

View of statement of last three charges, last three bills, last three turnovers, last three transfers and payment of subsidies;

Sending statement of the last thirty turnovers to the email address of customers;

View of statement of loan facilities;

Reporting of checks drawn from current accounts and review of their status;


  • Blocking the missing cards

Activation stages of Mobile Bank Maskan

1-Referring to the branches of Bank Maskan for activation of Mobile Bank system;

2-Receipt of last version of Mobile Bank

  • Through site of Bank Maskan;
  • Through branches of Bank Maskan using mobile phone Bluetooth;


3-Installation of mobile bank Maskan application

4-Receipt of internet password from branches or ATMs of Bank Maskan;

5-Receipt of account password from branches of Bank Maskan;

6-Adding cards and accounts;

Note:It is possible to add SHETAB cards in mobile bank system.


  • Java verion

After downloading, remove file from compressed mode and transfer the resulted two files of Maskan_Java-MPS.jar and Maskan_Java_MPS.jad exactly to your cell phone and complete the installation operation.

Note 1- If you install another version, remove or uninstall the said version and install the updated version.

Note 2- Do not remove the Maskan_Java_MPS.jar file from compressed mode.


After downloading, transfer the Maskan_Android_MPS.apk file to your cell phone and accomplish the installation operation.

Note: If you install another version (except the last version), remove or uninstall the said version and install the updated version.


Installation stages of Mobile Bank Maskan for IPhones through sibbank

Note: If you install another version, remove or uninstall the previous version, and install the updated version. After installation of sibbank program from the site available at, open the sibbank program and chose Mobile Bank Maskan and button the “Receipt” button.

If you have already installed another version, uninstall the said version and then install the updated version.

Note: Please become sure about connection of mobile phone to internet. Then, download the program from the following two ways:

  1. Search maskan in Store of Microsoft
  2. Choose “Install” using IE explorer available on the cell phone and referring to the following link