Internet bank security considerations Internet bank security considerations

Some security steps in online banking services :

1-Prior to any online transaction or send of personal information, you should become sure that transfer of sums of money has been encoded (Https not http).

2-You should become sure that that you are in a valid website. Electronic forgers launch certain websites with similar names and appearance that trick you to receive personal information. In first form, real internet payment portal of Bank Maskan and in second form a fake website (fishing) are seen for receiving confidential information of customers. As you see, both sites are similar in terms of their appearance. However, if you pay close attention to the address of two websites, you find out that the first address is precise belonging to the Bank and the second address is fake. 

3-At public places (coffee nets, internet sites and universities) and/or public computer which is not under your physical protection, you are supposed to avoid using internet services of Bank Maskan.

4-Please pay attention to URL of Bank Maskan at and It is likely that the appearance of the said site is similar to that of internet banking and e-payment of Bank Maskan. However, it is quite different with the corresponding address and you may be entrapped by internet hackers assuming that you enter the site of Bank Maskan.


5-When viewing Certificate Error , you should avoid continuing the operations.

6-It is highly recommended that you use updated versions of safe internet explorers such as Google Chrome and Fire Fox.

7-Use updated anti-virus software sets. Please provide backups of main data files of your computer.

8-Please do not download the files which are sent by unknown individuals or sites on your computer.  Please do not click on the links sent by such people. In some cases, this will cause entrance of viruses and or semi-software viruses to your company resulting in delete or change of your computer data.

9-If possible, use smart passwords which are a combination of characters, digits and signs to rase security.

Change these passwords within certain time intervals.

Do not provide your password or ID for other persons.

Avoid choosing such passwords as ID Card, your name or that of your relatives that can be easily guessed.

10-After termination of process, log out of system. Please remember that closing the explorer does not mean log out of internet payment page.

11-Your internet informatiom is completely confidential. Please do provide such information for others through telephone, email and the ones.

12-The Bank and no other legal organization shall request for confidential information such as internet password, and the ones. In such cases, you should immediately inform the case to Bank Maskan or competent authorities. Our colleagues at different sections of the Bank are ready to provide you with necessary information and news in this respect.

13-You should never release your personal information such as Credit Card or social security number for others unless you aware who receives such information and why the corresponding organization needs the said information or what program they use for such information.

14-Emails are not usually safe. Send of personal information such as card password, personal ID No. or account number is not wise unless they have been encoded. On the other hand, you should change the password and personal ID  that you received from uuencoded emails.

15- While working at your internet bank, do not use other explorers.

16-You should regularly review the corresponding notices and warnings to your credit cards and debt with bank and check out the information concerning your bank transactions. Hence, you may compare your financial statements to the information provided by the Bank specifying probable differences.

17-With respect to the corresponding license, if ssl of windows seven  is updated through Windows Update, you may receive updates of the license. For XP windows, since licenses are not automatically updated, you can to receive update files and complementary information from generating site of the operating system.