Family Maskan Card Family Maskan Card

Dear customers:

In order to extend area of electronic services used by family members, Bank Maskan has provided the facility of using Family Maskan Card for the said individuals. Using this facility, you are able to receive at most six cards for yourself and your first-degree relatives (parents, spouse and children). You should note that the least age of individuals to receive Family Maskan Card is 11 years old.


Do you know what advantages Maskan Card provides for you?

  • Establishment of financial relation among family members without need of attendance of main card holder in electronic form;
  • Payment of money to family members on daily, weekly or monthly basis in electronic form;
  • Facility of using the card of other members in case of loss of one of the cards;
  • Specifying maximum amount and number of withdrawals in certain periods for family members by main accountholder;
Modified Date1398/4/19- 12:49