ATM Terminal ATM Terminal

Bank Maskan provides the customers with various electronic banking services through the following different portals:

ATM Terminal Services

Special services for Bank Maskan Cards

Statement of payment (detailed and subsidy), change of the password, assigning or changing the internet password, money transfer using IBAN ID (PAYA ), money transfer to card with payment ID, money transfer to account with payment ID, card-free withdrawal, card blocking, change of default account, transfer to account, multi-card and single account services, multi-account service, choosing type of bank notes, and texting for all corresponding operations to changes in card through SMS;


Joint Services of Bank Maskan Cards and SHETAB  Cards

Indicating bank account balance;

Payment of sum of money;

Payment of bills;

Charging the cell phone;

TOP Up charge;

Charging the tag of ETC;

AVA service;

Public grants;

Money transfer

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