Activation of internet payment portal of Bank Maskan(IPG) Activation of internet payment portal of Bank Maskan(IPG)

The possibility of provision of Internet Portal Gate (IPG) Service by NAVACO IT Company has been made to be used by customers of Bank Maskan. For this purpose, the applicants and owners of internet sites providing goods and services may refer to one of the branches of Bank Maskan and submit the corresponding documents and then register their application for using the said service.

After necessary definitions by NAVACO, service recipients may use the IPG service of Bank Maskan at their internet site for all customers holding activated SHETAB  member cards. It should be noted that it is possible to obtain the reports and transactions concluded on portals as well as the Company’s portal for all recipients.


Activation Stages:



Real Recipient

Commercial Legal Recipient

Noncommercial legal recipient


Photocopy of the Birth Certificate and National ID Card of site owner 

Photocopy of Birth Certificate and National ID Card of authorized signatories 

Letter of introduction issued by the corresponding organization to introduce name and account number of authorized signatory


Photocopy of title deed or lease agreement of place of activity or official internet license of activity issued by competent authorities

Photocopy of notice of establishment or notice of last changes made at company (official Gazette)

Photocopy of official Gazette and last changes


Photocopy of the Company’s Articles of Association

Photocopy of Articles of Association



Photocopy of license of activity




Economic code and registration number





- Obtaining Reception Code: After receipt and review of documents, the necessary measures will be taken for registration and obtaining reception code for customers.

- Primary implementation: Customers will act upon primary implementation of IGP according to technical documents submitted.

- Receipt of user information: The required information such as username, password, reception code, terminal code and the ones together with the required complementary documents will be sent by PSP Company to the email introduced by customers. The customers will deliver the required documents to the Company for completion of registration process.

- Final test and startup of IGP: After receipt of the required information, the customers act upon final tests and after success, they will activate the corresponding IGP in their site accordingly.


Download of sample code and documentation for implementation in different languages 

Online application for registration of reception


Card Payment E-network Company [SHAPARAK] – Private Joint Stock

Fan Ava Card Internet Payment Portal

Fan Ava Card; Executive of E-payment Services


Security Tips

  • Dear Client; you have connected to Fan Ava Card E-payment Portal with Security Socket Layer (SSL) protocol which starts with
  • To avoid any internet abuse, please compare the current address of your web browser with the above address
  • Please ensure the accurate name of seller and the displayed amount. To avoid disclosure of your card code, use virtual keyboard as much as possible.
  • How to input data
    • Card number: The 16-digit card number inserted on the card
    • Second card code: Second code (internet code) received from the issuing band and/or ATM
    • CVV2: a 3 or 4-digit code inserted on the card and at the back of card
    • Expiration date: Expiration month and year of card inserted on the card
    • Security code: The digits inserted under the security code which may be changed
    • Email (optional): Enter email address if you need to obtain a payment receipt


Customer help center: +98 21 43570                                 Email of the company:


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